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04 August 2017 @ 10:49 pm
Poem: "House Party"  
Title: House Party
Rating: G
Word Count: 149
Line Count: 33
Original/Fandom: Original: Personal Narrative
Notes: Written in Walking Meditation and Writing Summer 2017 on July 19 2017, the day before mom passed away, inspired by Rumi's The Guest House. Revised July 31 2017.

House Party
(inspired by Rumi’s The Guest House)

Today feels more like a house party
a guest house overflowing with visitors
Too many rushing through
Like the expected and unexpected guests
At family Christmas parties

It's hard to figure out
where I begin
And they end
And I just want two minutes
in the spare room
To Breathe

However I'm trying
To be grateful
To remember
that there's a gift
in walking and silence
and discomfort and just acknowledging
that this is how Life is this week
To remember that painbearer
can be an honor and respected
rather than avoided or ridiculed
That we're all connected
And that all things pass
That above the clouds
There's a blue sky and sun waiting
And that it's okay
To take care of myself
That I won't regret
Knowing my own limits
Even when others judge me for them
In the moment
I'm the only one
Who can know myself

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