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06 April 2017 @ 03:12 pm
[Origfic_Bingo] April 2017 Original Fiction Bingo Gen Romance Kink Card  
[community profile] origfic_bingo

hunger distress (and rescue) artificial beings time loops exposure/striptease
slavery physical imperfections family celebration insanity truth
yentas and matchmakers betrayal WILD CARD crying possession/marking
impact play making love phonesex bodyswap/bodyshare day at the beach
vulnerability masters doms slaves & subs humiliation learning what love is fight and/or making up (first)

left to right, top to bottom
hunger, distress (and rescue), artificial beings, time loops, exposure/striptease
slavery, physical imperfections, family celebration, insanity, truth
yentas and matchmakers, betrayal, WILD CARD, crying, possession/marking
impact play, making love, phonesex, bodyswap/bodyshare, day at the beach
vulnerability, masters doms slaves & subs, humiliation, learning what love is, fight and/or making up (first)

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