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06 April 2017 @ 04:00 pm
[allbingo] April Rainbow Bingo Card  
[community profile] allbingo April Rainbow Bingo Public Card

Red Violet Rose Goldenrod Leather Jacket Sasquatch Socks
Booger Buster Tigers Eye Timberwolf Ocean Green Orange Red
Fresh Air Magic Potion FREE SPACE Bittersweet Ocean Blue
Mountain Meadow Shampoo Sapphire Pacific Blue Meat Brown
Burnt Sienna Peaches and Cream Lumber Aquamarine Midnight

top to bottom, left to right
Red violet, Rose, Goldenrod, Leather Jacket, Sasquatch Socks
Booger Buster, Tigers Eye, Timberwolf, Ocean Green, Orange Red
Fresh Air, Magic Potion, FREE SPACE, Bittersweet, Ocean Blue,
Mountain Meadow, Shampoo, Sapphire, Pacific Blue, Meat Brown
Burnt Sienna, peaches and cream, Lumber, Aquamarine, Midnight

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