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03 December 2014 @ 10:31 pm
Landing Page: DreamWriter's Irregular Fiction & Poetry Prompt Call  
Welcome to DreamWriter's Dreaming, where we weave and quilt stories from the borders of fiction and reality.

You can find our series masterpost here (LJ).

Like many other crowdfunders, we use DuoTrope's Semi-Pro rates. If you're looking for the exchange rate, you can use this converter

Fiction & Poetry generally ranges from $3-30, depending on length.

90-100 word ficlet/0-3 line poetry $3
101-200 word ficlet/4-10 line poetry $5
201-400 word ficlet/11-15 line poetry, $10
401-600 word ficlets/16-20 line petry, $15
601-800 word ficlets/21-60 line poetry $20
801-1000+ word ficlet/60+ line poetry $30+*

* if it's really long, it may be higher

Donation Equivalencies (taken from supercharitygo)
Occasionally we will have prompt calls based on donations. Here's an equivalency chart! You'll have to show us some physical proof of a donation (a photo, a scan or screencap of confirmation -- you can black out all identifying info except the amount and the organization)

Money donation = amount donated
Blood donation = $25
Platelet donation = $25
Plasma donation = $30
Charity work = $18 per hour
Donated items = $10 for every grocery store-sized bag of clothes, and also for every five books/toys/foods/other small things that build up quickly

Sept 2013: Companion Animals (LJ) - in lieu of tips, donations to MSPCA Walk for Animals 2013
Dec 2014: Joy & Connections (LJ)


Poetry Length

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